(Solved):Q: With so much emp…


With so much emphasis on empowerment and self-managing teams, many of the competencies in the rational goal quadrant are needed by employees even before they become managers. What implications does this have for the importance of middle managers in organizations today and in the future?

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Think of an organization with which you are familiar- perhaps one you have worked for, such as a store, a res- taurant, an office, a church, or a school. Then answer the A Which contingencies are most important in explaining how the organization is organized? Do you think it is organized in the best way? Why or why not? following questions: 2. Using the job characteristics model, how motivating do you think the job of a typical employee is in this? 3. What are the principal integrating mechanisms used in the organization? Do they provide sufficient coordination among individuals and functions? How might they be improved? 4.Now that you have analyzed the way this organization is structured, what advice would you give its managers to help them improve how it operates?

(Solved):Q: John is excellen…


John is excellent in his accounting job and due to that he does not need to be supervised in his job. He is devoted, accurate and very productive. He can write reports without errors and is very punctual in delivering his tasks. He is keen at work but not really in cooperation. If you were John's manager, which one of his traits would you want to improve?

Cost-effectiveness and need for supervision


Interpersonal impact

Quality and quantity

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