(Solved):Find the quotient of y^3 – y^2 – 4y – 4 by dividing it by y^2 + y +2 View Answer…



Find the quotient of {eq}y^3 – y^2 – 4y – 4

{/eq} by dividing it by {eq}y^2 + y +2







We need to use a term that multiplied by {eq}y^2+y+2

{/eq} give us an expression useful to eliminate the first term of the numerator, this term is: {eq}y

{/eq}. If we multiply this term by {eq}y^2+y+2

{/eq} we have this: {eq}y cdot left(y^2+y+2right)=y^3+y^2+2y

{/eq}. Then, we need to subtract the numerator and the last

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